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    1. Suggested donation for Kailash Yatra Full trip traveling with Swamiji ⇒ July 25 to Aug 9 ⇒ Rs 5,00,000 (≈USD$10,000)
    2. Initial installment amount is Rs 2,00,000 or more by May 30, 2013
    3. Payment methods :
        • Mailing Cashier’s check (aka. demand draft, bank draft, certified cheque) to India [or]
        • Wire transfer to India
    4. The payment can be made in Indian Rupees (INR) or US Dollars (USD)
      • If you are making your payment in USD, kindly find out the exchange rate from your bank at the time of making payment.
      • E.g. if you want to make a payment of Rs 2,00,000, then use the exchange rate for that day to convert the amount into USD on the day of payment. Contact your bank for further assistance.
    5. Cashiers’ Check Details:
      • Pay to the order of DHYANAPEETA CHARITABLE TRUST (not Dhyanapeetam).
      • Please have your full name on the check itself.
      • Please send the check to our ashram in Bidadi, India and inform us at with your name, your city and amount on the cashiers’ check once the check is posted
Mailing address in India
Attn: Accounting for Kailash Yatra 2012
Accounts Department,
Nithyanananda Dhyanapeetam,
Kallugopahalli, Off Mysore Road,
Bangalore District – 562 109.
Karnataka, INDIA
  1. If you are making your payment by wire transfer, on the wire transfer remittance form kindly mention the followings :
    1. your NATIONALITY and
    2. Purpose of the wire transfer : DONATION
    1. Your name, your city, amount transferred;
    2. a scanned copy of your passport – we need to submit this to our bank for authorization purposes; and
    3. a scanned copy of the wire transfer confirmation slip from your bank [or]
      a scanned copy of the wire transfer confirmation screen print if you were banking online [or]
      if you are unable provide a bank slip, your bank name and the wire transfer reference no.
  1. Wire Transfer Details:

Wire Transfer from Overseas (outside India)
Name of the Account: Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust
Account Number : 10461170000029
Type of the Account: FCRA
Bank Name : HDFC Bank Ltd,
Branch : Bidadi
Bank Address : B C Circle, B M Road, Kenchanakuppe Gate, Bidadi – 562 109.
IFSC code : HDFC0001046
Correspondent Bank Account Name : HDFC BANK LTD MUMBAI.
Note: There is no separate SWIFT code for individual branches. The above mentioned HDFC Bank Swift code can be used for remitting funds to HDFC bank anywhere in India.

Important: When you are doing the bank transfer, do mention :

        1. Purpose of Transfer: DONATION
        2. Nationality: // your NATIONALITY //

Without mentioning the above two fields, your payment cannot be confirmed by our bank!

Wire Transfer from within India
Account name: Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust
Account No: 10461450000024 (Savings account)
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Branch: BIDADI
IFSC Code: HDFC0001046

  1. Once we received your payment, we will be sending out a confirmation email to you.
    • We will also need your medical certification verifying your fitness to travel in altitudes of 19,000 ft.

Please note: The last date for registration & full payment is Jun 30, 2013. Please send us your confirmation by then. Once we receive your confirmation, you will receive further information regarding the guidelines for the program.

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