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Registration can be completed either online or via phone. The actual registration and indemnity forms will be given to you for submission at the beginning of the yatra. It is vital that we receive the following at least one month before the date of departure (by June 23, 2012) to ensure enough time for processing the visas and making travel arrangements:

  • Original Medical Fitness Certificate by your general physician which states you are fit to travel in altitudes above 19,000 ft
  • 4 photocopies of your passport: Please send only the first page (with photo and passport validity details) and the last page (with your address). If you passport does not contain your address, please send a copy of your drivers’ license or other alternative identification with your address. Ensure that the photocopy of your passport is clear, especially your photograph. A passport scan via email will also be accepted.
  • Please remember to mention your occupation on the photocopy of your passport.
  • 6 passport-size photographs
  • For Indian passport holders residing in India, you need to send us your passport 30 days before the yatra date. Last date for receiving your passport will be June 23, 2012. This is required to start processing your visa for Tibet.
  • For Indian passport holders outside India and Non-Indians, there is no need to send in your passport early (you cannot!). So, for you, it is enough if you bring the passport with you.
  • Please bring a valid form of identification in addition to your passport. Your passport is needed for visa processing in Tibet once you arrive in Nepal. Therefore, you will need an additional piece of identification for boarding domestic flights in Nepal. Acceptable forms of ID include: driver’s license, PAN card/Voters Identification card (for Indians).
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