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Please note that this trek is not advised for those suffering from chronic health problems, like epilepsy or blood pressure related conditions, heart ailments, severe asthma and/or physical disabilities. If you are being treated for diabetes, please check with your physician if any change in medication is needed due to the altitude and trekking involved.

Please download the Medical Fitness Certificate that you can

  1. take to your doctor for consultation,
  2. conduct the recommended medical tests as needed, and
  3. have your physician complete the attached form to certify you as fit to undertake the Kailash Yatra!!

Medical tests can take considerable time so do not delay this procedure.

Below is a list of recommended medical tests.

  1. Complete blood count with ESR
  2. FBS – Fasting blood Sugar (only for diabetes patients)
  3. PPBS – Post Prandial Blood Sugar
  4. Blood Urea
  5. Serum Creatinine
  6. PFT – Pulmonary function test
  7. ECG
  8. X-Ray Chest PA View
  9. TMT – Tread Mill Test
  10. Echo Cardiogram
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