Kailash Yatra Trip Details

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Kailash Yatra Trip Details
This pilgrimage to Mount Kailash will commence with an adventure through the scenic landscapes of the Tibetan plateau. As we make our way to Kailash, we will visit Lake Manosoravar, the largest, most elevated body of water in the world. Lake Manasarovar is renowned for its miraculous healing properties. Nithyananda has been describing the wonders of Mount Kailash for many years and has finally decided to lead a group on this spiritual adventure. This whole experience is an extraordinary event not to be missed!

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra (Travelling full trip with Swamiji)
Day Date Travel Night Stay
1 25-Jul-13 Bangalore-Kathmandu by flight Kathmandu
2 26-Jul-13 Kathmandu-Pokhara drive – 200KM Pokhara
3 27-Jul-13 Pokhara – leisure tour Pokhara
4 28-Jul-13 Pokhara – free Pokhara
5 29-Jul-13 Pokhara-Kathmandu drive Kathmandu
6 30-Jul-13 Pokhara-  Kathmandu /SS+Leisure Kathmandu
7 31-Jul-13 Kathmandu-Nyalam Nyalam
8 1-Aug-13 Nyalam – Rest Nyalam
9 2-Aug-13 Nyalam-Saga Saga
10 3-Aug-13 Saga-Manasarovar Manasarovar
11 4-Aug-13 Manasarovar-Darchan Darchan
12 5-Aug-13 Darchan-Ashtapad-Darchan Darchan
13 6-Aug-13 Darchan-Deerapuk Deerapuk
14 7-Aug-13 Deerapuk-Zuthulpuk Zuthulpuk
15 8-Aug-13 Zuthulpuk – Saga Saga
16 9-Aug-13 Saga – Kathmandu Kathmandu
17 10-Aug-13 Departure Bidadi


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